Al Wathba Cycling Track

Al Wathba Cycle Track is one of the nicest and most scenic cycling routes in the UAE. The “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie featured this area’s surreal beauty, which is surrounded by miles and miles of desert. A ride here promises breathtaking panoramas, especially during sunrise and sunset. A special lake is situated right in the middle of the track before the 16-kilometer circuit turn, not to miss the wildlife ! 

There are various paths that can be taken on the illuminated track. Cycling beginners can ride the 8- or 16-kilometer circuits, while experienced cyclists can tackle the 20-, 22-, or entire 30-kilometer circuit.

This peculiar circuit may be found roughly 50 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city.

The popular destination on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi attracts all kind of visitors. The most peaceful time to ride would be early mornings.

You will find useful facilities waiting for you there: 

– A bicycle rental shop (L’Oxygène for Bicycles) opens everyday of the week. It offers alloy and carbon bicycles starting at only 35AED per hour and various cycling related products / equipments. You can find more details on their instagram @oxygene.cycling !

– An ADNOC Oasis neighbors the shop with all kinds of snacks, drinks, food and coffee opens between 6am till 10pm.

– Changing rooms, shower rooms, toilets and a prayer room stay open 24/7 for your satisfaction.

TIP: For directions, search for “AlWathba Bicycle Track” on Google Maps to avoid confusion and frustrations. If you search for “Al Wathba Cycle Track” instead, you will be faced with a uncomfortable off-road route.